Working with Offenders

Significant changes have occurred in recent years in the nature and delivery of social work services to offenders and their families. Working with Offenders considers the implications for policy and practice of research which has focused upon a range of social work activities including

* assessment

* intensive probation programmes

* community service

* reparation and mediation

* social work with prisoners

* work with sex offenders.

It also considers more general issues of effectiveness, race and gender and locates recent developments in practice in the context of the broader policy changes in social work and criminal justice which have evolved over the last few years.
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Press reviews for: Working with Offenders

Irish Social Worker

I thoroughly enjoyed this book...Generous use of headings and sub-headings makes the pieces even more reader friendly and each is well finished with a conclusion...Each piece is thoroughly well informed and makes its own interesting contribution. The authors too possess impressive credentials and experience in probation practice, academic work and research.

Legal and Criminological Psychology

The authors include some of the best-known researchers in criminological social work in the UK... For anyone wishing to gain an overview of the policy context of community sanctions for offenders in the UK over recent years, the chapters by Smith, McIvor and Mair in this volume are an invaluable source. Other chapters in the book... also provide extremely useful, empirically based and well-balanced accounts of these areas.

Criminal Justice

At a time when change is about the only thing that those working in the criminal justice system can be sure of, this volume of essays by academics and practitioners provides a welcome series of perspectives on probation practice and its relationship to the penal policy changes in the last decade... This book is wide-ranging and scholarly and will appeal to both probation students and staff alike. Recommended.

British Journal of Criminology

Those interested in the future of the probation service, or any of the issues in specialist chapters, would find much of value.

Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health

This valuable collection... is much more than a textbook, providing as it does a series of informed and thought-provoking perspectives on developments in a particularly turbulent decade for criminal justic policy and practice in this country. It will be welcomed by all with a professional interest in probation and social work with adult offenders.

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