Creativity and the Arts in Early Childhood

Supporting Young Children's Development and Wellbeing

Offering practical guidance on encouraging creativity in early childhood settings, this much-needed book highlights the importance of the arts and creativity for children's learning, critical thinking, social interaction and self-regulation.

The book considers the impact of creativity on early brain development and discusses how to choose the right arts or creative approach for your children. Principles for creative curriculums, teaching, assessments and environments are provided and each chapter includes a 'practitioner toolkit' element, with reflective questions and practical strategies for implementing the learning from the chapter into daily practice.
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Press reviews for: Creativity and the Arts in Early Childhood

Gregory Lane, Soho Family Centre

Capturing the inherent creativity of children and using it to empower, learn and change children themselves - and us - is what makes this book such a great read. Churchill Dower makes the case that language, social interaction and positive brain development are just the beginning of what being creative can deliver for society via our children. Exploration and the very joy of play our only limited by our imaginations.

Kate Shelley, Tales Toolkit

In a culture where children are increasingly represented by numbers this thought-provoking book is an essential, much needed read. Research based throughout leaving you with a passionate desire to bring creativity to the forefront of education. Ruth balances knowledge of the crucial importance of creativity in early years with practical, motivating methods and questions for reflection to inspire, challenge and improve practise.

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