The Use of Art in Counselling Child and Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse

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Based on 17 years of clinical work in both the United States and the United Kingdom, this book presents a comprehensive discussion on the use of art in counselling sexually abused children, their families, and both adult and adolescent sex offenders. Using concepts of the "trauma model" and other current theoretical models that have been shown to be effective, and drawing on case examples from her own clinical experience, Maralynn Hagood demonstrates how art therapy, counselling and psychotherapy can be blended, and tailored to the needs of the individual. She emphasises the dangers of interpreting artwork in diagnosis, arguing that it is the process of art-making which has therapeutic value.
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Press reviews for: The Use of Art in Counselling Child and Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse

British Journal of Occupational Therapy

The therapeutic interventions are excellent in this book; the author explains and describes the use of a variety of creative media in different clinical settings. There is also a strong theoretical element which complements the use of case studies and the practical application of using art as a medium in the recovery process. Professionals who are dealing with children who have been sexually abused or adult survivors, or those working in specialist treatment centres with perpetrators, would therefore find this book an invaluable resource and compulsory reading.

Liesl Silverstone

Maralynn Hagood brings many examples and practical suggestions, backed up by ample references, images, and personal experience, to demonstrate very clearly and extensively the effective use of art in counselling child and adult survivors of sexual abuse.

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