Tricky Spellings in Cartoons for Children

US Edition

A collection of fun, colorful cartoon mnemonics to help children aged 5-11 recall tricky spellings. It is particularly suited to kids who prefer to learn by seeing and doing, who have tried traditional spelling strategies but with limited success, or who continue to confuse similar sounding and similar looking words. The humor and active learning approach embodied in the book will support children to build associations and effortlessly recognise, learn and recall spelling patterns.

An invaluable resource for teachers and parents supporting kids with dyslexia or other specific learning disabilities, ADHD or ASD, this fully illustrated guide is designed to work alongside the school curriculum. This edition contains mnemonics specifically tailored to American English spelling.

If the traditional spelling methods aren't working for you, if you prefer to learn by seeing and doing or if you just want to make spelling fun, this book is for you.
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Press reviews for: Tricky Spellings in Cartoons for Children

Lauren Brukner, MS, Occupational Therapist (OTR/L), author of The Kids' Guide to Staying Awesome and In Control

Lidia's new book provides readers with a creatively fun, visual and multi-sensory approach to spelling tricky words. Simple, engaging, and effective!

Martin L Kutscher, MD. Author of Kids in the Syndrome Mix and ADHD: Living without Brakes

Teaching by example, this book is sure to kickstart students of all abilities to see the value and fun of mnemonics - inspiring them to create their own.

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