Responding to Domestic Violence

Emerging Challenges for Policy, Practice and Research in Europe

This book offers a critical overview of established and emerging manifestations of domestic violence across Europe.

It describes how countries within and outside the EU are responding to the problem in policy, practice and research. Eminent academics and professionals from a range of European countries share their findings from new groundbreaking victim surveys, and weigh up the legal, social and healthcare challenges. The issues addressed include:

- the cultural challenges of combating abuse forms most prevalent in migrant communities such as female genital mutilation and forced marriage;
- emerging problems such as child-to-parent violence, teenage relationship violence and digital intimate partner abuse; and
- barriers to help-seeking faced by marginalised victims such as LGBTQ and older people.

By showcasing the most effective responses formulated in Europe and exploring innovative ways to research and understand domestic violence, this book is a crucial resource for all those with responsibility for implementing social policy and good practice.
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Press reviews for: Responding to Domestic Violence

Nicky Stanley, Professor of Social Work, University of Central Lancashire, UK

A particular strength is the breadth of the collection which includes incisive accounts of research processes, training, policy and service development. The book will provide an invaluable resource for all those who work or study in the field of domestic violence.

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