Chaplains as Partners in Medical Decision-Making

Case Studies in Healthcare Chaplaincy

Healthcare chaplains working as part of interdisciplinary teams are frequently involved in contributing to discussions on all aspects of patients' wellbeing. This insightful collection of case studies shows how chaplains can effectively support patients and their families in making decisions regarding medical care, as well as for their spiritual needs.

Reflecting the reality of medical decision-making, each case study follows a format where a chaplain and a non-chaplain (e.g. a doctor or a social worker) gives their response to the example considered, helping the reader to understand the chaplain's role in the decision making and how they can contribute constructively to the process. Adding another layer to the multifaceted role of the chaplain, this is essential reading for any chaplain in healthcare.
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Press reviews for: Chaplains as Partners in Medical Decision-Making

Wendy Cadge, Professor of Sociology, Brandeis University

This book provides wonderful case studies that will help practicing chaplains reflect on their work and those in training learn from some of the best. It should be read by spiritual care providers and chaplains no matter where and with whom they work.

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