Improving Child and Family Assessments

Turning Research into Practice

The quality of the assessment of children in need has a significant impact on outcomes for the children concerned. Good assessment contributes to better outcomes, but poor assessment can have tragic consequences. Understanding what makes a good assessment is vital.

This book brings together findings from 10 years of UK research that shed light on different aspects of child and family assessment, and examines the evidence for what works in promoting the best outcomes for children. It covers thresholds for assessment and intervention, what information should be collected in assessments, and assessments in different contexts. It also examines key aspects of practice and the factors that can help or hinder good quality assessment. These areas include analysis, critical thinking and reflection; engaging with children and families; and inter-professional working. Structural, procedural and organisational factors are also considered.

In summarising the research, this important book provides key messages on the links between assessment and outcomes for children, and offers implications for policy and practice. It will be essential reading for social work practitioners, academics, students and researchers, and all those in the child protection field.
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Press reviews for: Improving Child and Family Assessments

Professional Social Work

This book is an essential companion for any social worker wishing to enhance their assessment skills and confidence in managing the assessment process effectively, whilst taking into account the interacting risks to consider. The book is well written and certainly provides opportunities for practitioners to reflect and analyse their assessment and decision making skills in an era of resource shortage and high thresholds. A recommended read.

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