Goodbye, Mr. Wonderful

Alcoholism, Addiction and Early Recovery

Alcohol thought Chris McCully was Mr. Wonderful. When Chris was drinking, he sometimes thought so too - Mr. Generous, Mr. Witty and Charming, Mr. Champagne. But there are other labels - 'chronic alcoholic' (all over the medical notes); 'high risk offender' (in the court record). Goodbye, Mr. Wonderful gives a detailed account of the early stages of recovery from alcoholism. From his admittance into hospital to his life as a writer in the Netherlands, McCully offers a detailed and often analytical reflection on what it feels like to be a recovering alcoholic. There is no cure for alcoholism, but there is daily management, and there is hope. This is a book for anyone who wishes to understand, or wishes that someone else could understand, the process of healing from addiction.
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Press reviews for: Goodbye, Mr. Wonderful

Community Practitioner

Overall, for professionals seeking to gain an insight into the psych of the alcoholic, this is a book well worth reading.

Addiction Today

This might be the best recovery autobiography that I have read, thanks to thoughts and reflections penned by the author as a stream of consciousness in an intermittent diary of his first three years free of alcohol dependency…Like most writers, McCully is voraciously questioning about what has shaped his world, and people like him. He searches websites and shares highlights of information. He garners advice from professionals and peers in recovery, and peppers them with snippets about alcoholism overheard on the radio or scanned in newspapers. "I am trying to learn to be happy and I feel very much better," he concludes. We get a picture of the person he has become - and that is someone I, for one, would like to meet.

A reader

Praise for the book: 'It was like the best kind of company, like having a recovery meeting available every day.'

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