Sometimes Noise is Big

Life with Autism

Sometimes noise is too big for my ears. Sometimes the light is too loud for my eyes. I have autism and this means that sometimes the world around me is just too much! This book will help you to see the world through my eyes and to understand why I react to things the way I do.

Flipping the perspective for neurotypicals, this book explains in simple terms some of the sensory issues experienced by children with autism. It shows situations which can be overwhelming and the ways that somebody with autism might react when there is too much going on. This picture book raises awareness of autism and helps young children of all abilities to better understand these issues. Suitable for ages 5+.
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Press reviews for: Sometimes Noise is Big

Colleen Debodt E.C.E.A.

As an early childhood educator assistant, this book really helps me understand the behaviors of some of my kids who are on the autism spectrum. Not only the behaviors, but why they are doing them. Thanks Angela for giving us a window to their world.

Shannon-Lee Gillis, Mom to a child with autism

As a parent of a child on the autism spectrum I can definitely say that my child has experienced all the emotions and traits in this book. Reading this book helps those on the spectrum as well as those that are not to understand autism traits. I wish this book was around when my son was diagnosed 9 years ago as it would have been such a giant help in understanding my child. The illustrations are great. This is an easy and precise way to understand a bit more about our children on the spectrum. I would love to see this book in every school classroom and in libraries across the world so all parents and children can understand our unique and amazing kids.

Adele Devine, Special Needs teacher and Co-Founder of SEN Assist autism software

This book will be really helpful to parents and carers who are new to autism. The images are a great instigator for discussion and the picture book format will help children feel less isolated and open to support.

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