Drinking, Drug Use, and Addiction in the Autism Community

What is the connection between autism and addiction? Why are individuals with autism more likely to develop a substance use disorder than the general population?

Until recently, substance use disorder (SUD) was considered rare among those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This book brings together current research and personal accounts from individuals with autism and their supports. It explores why addiction is more common among individuals with ASD and investigates how addiction and autism affect one another. The authors also provide strategies for supporting people with both ASD and SUD.
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From the Foreword by Tony Attwood, author of 'The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome'

This book is an important review of the issues associated with addiction and ASD. It will provide encouragement for parents to take action, and for professionals working the area of ASD to screen for addiction, and then to modify their treatment for addiction to accommodate the characteristics of ASD.

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