Educating Difficult Adolescents

Effective Education for Children in Public Care or with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties

Educational achievements for children in care are significantly poorer than for the general school population. This book explores why this is and how to enable children in care to succeed in the classroom.

It evaluates the educational experience and performance of a sample of 'difficult' adolescents living in foster families, residential children's homes and residential special schools for pupils with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties (BESD). The book addresses factors such as the failure to prioritise education for children in care, placement instability and disrupted schooling. It investigates care environments, policy changes and young people's background experiences - as well as the costs of services - in order to gauge the effectiveness of targeted initiatives. The authors adopt a multidisciplinary approach to suggest how best to support children in care in educational settings.

This book will be essential reading for professionals supporting children in care, including social workers, directors of children's services, policy makers, school leaders, teachers and managers in the public, voluntary and private sectors. It is also highly relevant for social work and education lecturers, researchers and students.
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Press reviews for: Educating Difficult Adolescents

Adoption & Fostering

Despite the strong policy emphasis over more than ten years on raising the educational attainment of looked after children, progress has been slow and there remains a dearth of high-quality research on the subject (Brodie, 2009). This book, aimed at researchers, policy makers, managers and practitioners, is therefore a welcome addition to the still sparse literature.

Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Journal

The book's interest often lies in the wealth of detail it produced, sometimes supporting, sometimes challenging existing knowledge in this important area.

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